84-year-old actress Joan Collins. (Pic: Reuters)
84-year-old actress Joan Collins. (Pic: Reuters)

Joan Collins shares her beauty secret

By Susie Coen Time of article published Nov 30, 2017

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As one of the most glamorous women in show business, you would be forgiven for thinking Dame Joan Collins’ skincare regime would be an extravagant ordeal.

But rather than splurging on expensive facials, the 84-year-old actress has revealed her biggest beauty secret involves only ice and two cotton pads.

Dame Joan, who continues to defy her years with her youthful appearance, said: ‘Before all events I get a bowl of ice and cotton pads, place them on my eyes, lay down for five minutes and it works a treat.’

She learnt the trick from Allan ‘Whitey’ Snyder, the make-up artist famous for getting Marilyn Monroe ready for filming.

Alyn Waterman, who has been her make-up artist for the past 13 years, spoke about Dame Joan’s routine for filming on the American TV series The Royals.

‘Generally we start make-up at six in the morning,’ he said at an event for the actress’s Timeless Beauty make-up range.

‘As soon as I get to set in the morning, I run to catering and I say, “have you got any ice” to make sure it’s all there, ready and the cotton pads are waiting. She likes to put them on her eyes for about five minutes. We do it every time – it just helps to brighten and tighten the skin. It’s one of the tips she has always known. She has this wealth of knowledge of tips and tricks from working in Hollywood.’

And it is clearly a technique that has survived down the generations.

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