Miss Algeria 2019. Picture: Miss Algerie.
Khadija Ben Hamou makes history by becoming the first black woman to be crowned Miss Algeria. 

Ben Hamou, who was named the winner on Saturday, January 5, 2019, outshined 16 other contestants to earn the big title in a contest that allowed veiled candidates to compete for the first time.

Although it took Alegria forever to make a black woman its queen, people still congratulated Khadija Ben Hamou for finally break the chain. 

However, not everyone welcomed her with an open heart. Some Algerians were churning out racist comments on social media directed at the newly-crowned queen, claiming that she was not beautiful enough to be their representative.

The Adrar beauty didn’t turn a blind eye at the nasty comments made about her, she clapped back. 

“I will not back down because of the people who criticised me. I am honoured that I have achieved my dream, and I am honoured by the state of Adrar where I come from,” Ben Hamou told the Algerian news site TSA.

Miss Algerie, the organisation that runs the Miss Algeria beauty pageant disapproves of the comments made about Khadija Ben Hamou. 

-Source: Independent