Lady Du ventures into beauty business with ‘Wawa La Beauty’

Lady Du. Picture: Instagram

Lady Du. Picture: Instagram

Published Nov 30, 2022


Lady Du continues to make boss moves. The queen of Yanos whose real name is Duduzile Ngwenya, is expanding her horizons into the world of beauty.

Taking to her Instagram and Twitter pages on Monday, November 28, the 31-year-old muso revealed her new business venture and let fans know that she is a qualified beautician.

She further stated that owning a beauty parlour is a “dream come true”.

”I don’t think you guys know all the things I studied, beauty being one of them, after school I studied beauty, travelled the world working on a cruise ship, and my biggest dream was to own a salon.

“Music captured me, I focused on it, but now that I can do both, I took my savings and bought a house in the hood so I don’t have to pay rent, I wanted to bring the Sandton experience back to the hood.

“I literally have been working so hard on it, and still am. I am fully qualified in this as you can see my diplomas in all departments, some diplomas are for something else.

“Here’s to franchising in the hood, empowering the community 🙏🙏🙏 taking the money back to ekasi. My legacy starts now ❤️❤️ WAWA, ” she added.

Lady Du is serious about empowering the youth.

Earlier this month, the Joburg-born star revealed that her new album was produced by youngsters, stating that she wanted to teach the “kids” the music business.

“My album is produced by kids!! I have no famous producers, I’m teaching kids the business!!!! They all get equal royalties as me!!,” tweeted the star.

“Own your things I beg you!!! What someone else can do for you, you can do for yourself with the right connections. STUDY THE GAME, FORGET THE FAME,” she added.

In 2021, Lady Du in partnership with the British alcohol brand, Bulldog launched a series of storytelling series titled “Begin Bold”.

According to the press statement, the campaign features compelling short films that follow the impactful bold beginnings of different protagonists, including Lady Du.

In Lady Du’s film, she muses about how she found her passion for music after her father taught her how to DJ at the age of 10.

As her career began to take flight, Lady Du went on to earn a living at her father’s car workshop to fund recording her own music.

“It doesn’t matter where you come from or what connections you have. Find your light. It starts with you,” said Lady Du.