Letitia Wright is the new face of cosmetic brand bareMinerals. Pic: Xavier Collins Splash News
Letitia Wright as admitted that she never expected "black girls like me" fronting a beauty campaign.

The 25-year-old actress is fronting bareMinerals latest campaign, and has admitted that she never expected "black girls like me [to be] doing that" and insisted it felt "naturally cool" to front the beauty brand. 

In an interview with Glamour, she said: "I never thought that anyone would ask me to be in a beauty campaign I didn't see myself and black girls like me doing that.

"For bareMinerals to hit my people up and the fact I used bareMinerals before, meant it naturally felt cool to be part of it." 

The 'Black Panther' star hopes that the campaign will inspire "young girls" and have a positive effect on "people for a long time to come."

She said: "It inspires young girls in general, especially close to home, to have my little sister and Mum walk into Debenhams and my sister see it's not impossible. 

"It's inspirational for someone like my sister to have someone she sees everyday celebrated in this way is and for that to have a positive effect on people for a long time to come." 

The 'Avengers: Infinity War' actress went on to explain that she feels cosmetics should be used to enhance natural beauty and never to hide insecurities. 

She said: "I never sought validation from anyone else growing up. Make-up should never be used to cover up insecurities... 

"Naturally seeing that and having my religion meant that I didn't need validation from anyone else. If I didn't want to wear makeup then great, or if I did, great!

"If you put on a product like bareMinerals and you feel like you don't need to put it on to cover up insecurities, the foundation is already there. I know the foundation is already there in myself worth and then when I put it on, I just feel extra fly!"