Zolani Mahola, Rushda “Rush Tush” Moosajee, Ashleigh van der Hoven and Carishma Basday. (Pic: Fayros Jaffer)

Some of SA’s top influencers and personalities have joined the plight of a passionate Cape Town beauty and skin specialist to educate people on the importance of a healthy skin, by initiating a powerful social media awareness campaign that is set to focus on empowering and informing women.

Having launched the #nakedskincampaign last week, Durban-born-Cape Town-based Mela TV presenter, Carishma Basday, Freshlyground singer Zolani Mahola, actress Ashleigh van der Hoven, well as popular fitness guru Rushda “Rush Tush” Moosajee, will be spearheading this powerful educational campaign on social media.

Beauty and skin specialist, Rayghana Khan, wants to help educate and empower men and women on how to achieve everything that goes into achieving a glowing, beautiful complexion and maintaining a healthy skin.

The #nakedskincampaign follows these four women and their skin journeys with Raydiance Skin and Body – Khan’s business of 11 years. Together, these confident women recently posed for a photo shoot, as part of the campaign to celebrate “beauty and body”.

For Khan, it was important to choose women for the campaign, who have a “unique beauty and strength”.

“Rushda is a well-known trainer and is the expert on turning women’s bodies and lives around. She is the inspiration to thousands of woman who have joined her movement and achieve their body goals.”

Fitness guru Rushda “Rush Tush” Moosajee. (Pic: Fayros Jaffer)

 “Zolani is a songstress of note and can take any nubile sentence and turn it into something magical when she adds her melodious voice. Accolades and fans alone, she is known on an international level for her beauty - inside and out.”

Freshlyground singer Zolani Mahola. (Pic: Fayros Jaffer)

“Carishma has grown and has pushed past many cultural boundaries and has indeed broke some down culturally.  Her determination and sass have given her a kick-start to a career that will span many decades to come.”

Actress Ashleigh van der Hoven. (Pic: Fayros Jaffer)

“Ashleigh is incredible at sports like surfing, boxing, horse riding and skating to name a few. She is completely brave and fearless and I love that there are women out there like her who are breaking boundaries and are changing our perceptions every day.”

Mela TV presenter, Carishma Basday. (Pic: Fayros Jaffer)

For Khan, the campaign will give the public an authentic journey of how to maintain good and healthy skin.

“Thus far we have taken videos during the treatments and done some video question and answer sessions as well. In this way people are able to understand more about what is on offer for their various skin issues and what can be achieved with regular treatments as well as a good skin regime,” she explains.

To follow the trend on social media, use the hashtag #nakedskincampaign .

For more information visit: www.raydianceskin.co.za