Makeup free Kelly Rowlands. Picture: Instagram

How comfortable are you with leaving home without a full face beat? 

Would you dare to take a makeup-free selfie and post it on your social media? 

Celebrities are constantly under scrutiny. The public is always judging - all social media posts are taken apart word by word. 

So can you image how brave and confident a celeb must be to go out without makeup, never mind post a barefaced picture on their social media?

They might get positive responses from fans who find their self-confidence inspiring. While there are others who will find anything to rip those images apart. 

Recently TV personality Anele Mdoda took the low road when she commented on a makeup free image of Kelly Rowland. 

TV presenter Anele Mdoda. Picture: Luke

The TV presenter responded to a tweet by Sizwe Dhlomo which stated: "Kelly Rowland could lowkey be the best looking one in DC."

Mdoda's response to this was "Kelly looks amazing with make-up. Take that make-up off, then it's tickets. I have receipts". The original tweet was later removed.

Anele's response to Sizwe's tweet. Picture: Twitter

She has and continues to receive major backlash due to this comment.

These are the types of comments that prevents celebs, and anyone, to step outside or post pictures of themselves without makeup.

There are a few celebrities who are confident enough to to do so. Here are some who have bared all. 

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