Extra-long toenails are the latest beauty craze. Picture: Instagram/yourfeetfetishgoddessxo

We’ve seen some really bizarre beauty trends over the past few years. From feather eyebrows to clumped lashes. We’ve seen nails in different shapes varying from stiletto to corkscrew.

Every time we think we’ve seen the weirdest beauty trend, a more bizarre one pops up.

This time it’s super long toenails. Yes. TOEnails.

So stop cutting your toenails, ladies, because the longer they are the better. 

If you can’t grow them long enough, get yourself some fake toenails. Yes, you can buy fake toenails. You’ll find them right next to the fake fingernails. 

And if it’s still not long enough, toenail extensions are the way to go. 

The longer they are the more creative you can get with the shape of the nail.

Love the ballerina shape nail? Why not match your toenails to your fingernails and get the same shape. Stiletto shape toenails can easily be used as a self-defense weapon. 

I would imagine that your shoe options are limited with such long nails. Other than open toe sandals or flip-flops, what other options do you have?

Wouldn’t you need to go a size up from your usual shoe size in order to accommodate those extra-long nails? 

Ladies are proudly showing off their talons on their social media pages. Here are just of the few we had the displeasure of spotting.