LOOK: The Megacy gets tattoos of AKA in his honour

A fan got a tattoo of AKA. Picture: Twiter/@RubuThulisa

A fan got a tattoo of AKA. Picture: Twiter/@RubuThulisa

Published Feb 24, 2023


Musicians are some of the most special people in the world.

This is because even when they die, their voices live forever.

You can still hear them repeatedly by playing their songs. And that’s what is currently happening with Kiernan Forbes, who was casually known as AKA.

The 35-year-old superstar was shot and killed in Durban on February 10, and his death still feels surreal. It’s like a bad dream that we will one day wake up and realise it was all a joke, but it’s not.

South Africans stayed up late on February 23 until midnight for the release of his last album ‘Mass Country’ which was complete by the time he died.

Although he was a menace on Twitter, the past few weeks proved that AKA was loved. Since his passing, we saw his fans (The Megacy) celebrating the life of Supa Mega in full swing.

From sharing their favourite videos of him to playing his music non-stop, they continue to support him even when he’s no more.

This week, we saw more of his fans getting tattoos of his name and face, which we think is admirable.

However, as much as South Africans are funny, they can be the biggest haters. They like it when international people celebrate their own by getting tattoos of their favourite artists, but suddenly it’s “too much” when locals do the same for AKA.

In previous years, Cardi B’s fans were so in love they got tattoos of her and were praised for that. So, why can’t we do the same for people getting AKA’s tattoos? Or rather yet, why can’t they just let people be and draw whatever they want on their bodies?

If you want to tattoo your grandmother’s face, go for it. But don’t say others are stupid for choosing a tattoo of a man they adored. A tattoo not on your body shouldn’t bother you, it’s that simple.

I mean, AKA himself had a tattoo of Michael Jackson, and no one thought he was crazy, but his fans doing the same for him are suddenly nuts? It’s double standards.

It’s a pity that he is no longer here to see what his fans are doing because he would’ve loved it.

Below are of some of the Megacy gang who got AKA’s name/face tattooed on their bodies.