Taking the perfect selfie takes more than one snap. Picture: Pexels
Taking the perfect selfie takes more than one snap. Picture: Pexels

LOOK: The truth behind that perfect Instagram picture

By Gerry Cupido Time of article published Aug 19, 2019

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For every selfie posted there are at least 20 unposted versions of the same picture. 

These are the ones that didn’t make the cut - the ones where your double chin looks like a triple. Where the lighting picks up every pimple on your face. The ones with the half-closed droopy eyes and expressions that make you look dorky instead of sultry. 

Getting the perfect selfie isn't as easy as it looks on Instagram. Picture: Pixabay

When you scroll through your favourite influencer’s feed all you see is flawless skin, perfect face beats with each slick hair in place. Even their “I woke up like this” posts show seemingly makeup-free glowing skin. 

Amsterdam based vlogger Rianne Meijer’s Instagram page, just like any other influencers pages, shows happy holiday snaps, professionally styled fashion shots and perfect beauty posts. 

Recently Meijer showed her followers the truth behind her seemingly perfect posts. 

Rianne's Instagram page looks like any other influencer's page. Picture: Instagram

Proving that there is indeed at least 20 imperfect pics for every “perfect” one. 

Before pictures are tweaked to death with layers upon layers of filters and photoshop tricks, she shows how the correct choice of angle, lighting and location can make or break a picture. 

Getting the perfect shot isn't as easy as it looks. Picture: Instagram
Sexy v dorky. Picture: Instagram

Then, of course, there’s the timing. A split second can make the difference between a sleepy eye or bright-eyed picture.

Get the pose and angle right. Picture: Instagram

When you look at some of Meijer’s real versus Insta pictures, she almost looks like a completely different person.

There are so many shots that never make it online. Picture: Instagram
Timing is everything. Picture: Instagram

Next time you scroll through Instagram know that those influencers have gone through the most to show you the best (and often contrived) versions of themselves. 

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