Madonna released her luxury skincare line MDNA in 2017. (Pic: Instagram)

Madonna says it was important to use natural ingredients in her skincare line because she wanted a range which contained "pure" ingredients.

The 59-year-old pop icon released her luxury skincare line MDNA in 2017 after struggling to find products which were "all-in-one" and after joining with high-tech research company MTG to find natural ingredients such as thermal waters from Tuscany in Italy - where her father's ancestors lived - the 'Material Girl' singer has created a range of creams, serums and "hero" products for a range of skin concerns. 

Madonna's skincare line contains "pure" ingredients. (Pic: Instagram)

Speaking to Harper's Bazaar, she said: "I wanted the ingredients to be pure and not chemicals. These springs where these thermal waters flow, they've been around for thousands of years and people have been going to them to soak in the waters for anything from arthritis to eczema to psoriasis to any kind skincare ailment and also internal ailments. I love the idea that these healing thermals - I call them holy waters - are inside of the skincare line. That's the hero ingredient."

And Madonna also wanted to save herself and her fans from having to shop at "six different places" to find products which will help their skin.

She explained: "For the skincare line in general, I wanted to create it because after all my traveling around the world, and all the spas I've been to, and all the products that people have given me to try, I was just tired of using so many different things and then finding something I love and then it got discontinued. Or I couldn't find the right kind of cream that I could wear on stage under makeup that won't make my makeup sweat off or protect my skin under the hot, baking lights. I wanted to create a line that was specifically for me and all-in-one so that I didn't want to have to shop at six different places."

However, the 'Like A Virgin' singer swears by her own products and says it's "important" to create something which didn't just look good.

She said: "This isn't just a vanity product, this is something I have been working on for five years, it's important to me that the ingredients not only pure, but that they work. I stand by all of them, and I use all of them."