The must have essentials. Picture: Instagram.
Applying makeup can be a challenge for beginners, and not knowing which products is usually the biggest one. 

It’s always important to distinguish what to apply where. For instance, at times you can use eye-shadows as a blush, but you can’t use eye shadows as a foundation. 

Here is   a guide to essentials you must have for a glowing face beat. 

Revlon colourstay foundation. Picture: Instagram. 

  • Primer- You apply this before the foundation
  • Full coverage foundation - Apply to the whole face
  • Concealer -You use concealer to give your eyebrows a shape after drawing. This is art you have to master because it 
  • Setting powder- This is applied once the base of the makeup is done (blush, eyes and eyebrows)
  • Setting spray - You apply the spray once all makeup has been applied to your face 
Yardley mascara. Picture: Instagram. 

  • Eyeshadow base (or eyeshadow primer) - apply this to the eyelid and brow bone 
  • Eyeliner - apply eyeliner on the eye. Use either an eyebrow pencil or a liquid eyeliner
  • Eyeshadow palette - apply the chosen colours, or colours to eyelid using eyeshadow brush
  • Mascara - Add Mascara to eye lashes once eyeliner and eyeshadow is applied
Mac bronze. Picture: Instagram. 

  • Bronzer - Lightly apply the right shade of bronzer with the blush onto cheekbones
  • Blush - This follows bronzer in a slightly lighter shade than the bronzer
  • Highlighter - This is an optional item for makeup, but when applied, it should be applied lightly after blush is applied
Boldly lipsticks. Picture: Instagram. 

  • Lip balm - Apply lip balm to moisture lips
  • Lipstick - apply lipstick to the lower and upper lips
  • Lip gloss - apply the lip gloss over the lipstick as a polish

Voila! Your face is ready for the outside world.

-Source: Makeup guru.