The Sun Met afro-chic theme lends itself to dramatic makeup looks. (Pic supplied)

This Saturday racing enthusiasts, fashionistas and party-goers will be making their way to Kenilworth Race Course for the 134th edition of the Sun Met Celebrated with G.H. Mumm.

With the theme being ‘Style ahead of the Field’ attendees are encouraged to wear their best Afro-chic attire.

This year’s theme allows for endless outfit opportunities — which means you can have just as much fun with your makeup!

“This year’s Sun Met is COLOUR!” says Lisa Fortuin of Lipstick Lifestyle. Here are her makeup ideas and tips on how to complete your look. 

With the theme being afro-chic there is no excuse not to go bold with a dramatic makeup look - this is your chance to use that blue eyeliner you bought as an impulse buy. 

You can’t go wrong with a monotone look. (Pic supplied)

Your makeup look can also  be inspired by your outfit, you can’t go wrong with a monotone look, don’t just match your shoes to your handbag, match your eyeshadow as well.

Mix two contrasting eyeshadows. (Pic supplied)

Mixing and matching complementary colours is a must, break away from beauty norms by mixing two contrasting eyeshadows for an impactful makeup look. 

Bright lipstick adds a touch of drama. (Pic supplied)

For those who aren’t daring enough to go for a dramatic eye look, you can add a pop of colour on the lips, but why not opt for a bright green or stunning orange?