London - I would never put myself through surgery, but wondered if you had any easy make-up tips that would help turn back the clock.

Heather, 51, Enfield, Middlesex.


Heather was looking for make-up that hides flaws.

The new Zelens range by plastic surgeon Dr Marko Lens launched and, with his help and that of make-up artist John Gustafson, we looked at surgical and cosmetic solutions to common concerns.



Surgical solution: Inject hyaluronic filler to plump up the area and smooth out the lines.

Make-up solution: Brush dots of concealer on to the lines then smooth using fingertips. John recommends going one shade lighter than yourcomplexion.



Surgical solution: A mini-lift, where the surgeon makes a small incision in front of the ear and then lifts the underlying tissue and re-drapes the skin, leaving a firmer jawline.

Make-up solution: Take a darker shade of powder and, using a brush, sweep over the protrusive bit on the jaw. This gives the illusion of a more chiselled outline. Avoid a shimmery bronzer, as it won’t look natural.



Surgical solution: Muscle-relaxing injections, such as Botox, freeze the muscles that cause the furrow.

Make-up solution: A little foundation, applied with the fingers and pressed directly on to the lines. Don’t try to get rid of them by increasing coverage.



Surgical solution: Hyaluronic acid filler to plump up lips.

Make-up solution: To create the look of more volume, draw a “milk line” around the outline of the lips with concealer. Gloss, rather than lipstick, makes the lips look bigger.



Surgical solution: A surgery —known as a blepharoplasty — where excess skin and fat is removed from the eyelids.

Make-up solution: First, apply a light colour to brighten the lid using a creamy white shade with a slight sheen.

Next, apply a mid-colour shadow from the outer corner to two-thirds of the crease and blend in up to the brow bone.

Apply three dots of concealer above the brow and blend in, creating light above the arch, then use a tiny touch of blusher on the outer corner of the brow bone.

John advises swapping eyeliner on the upper eyelid and lashline for a line of dark grey shadow drawn just halfway across.



Surgical solution: An extreme treatment that transplants scalp follicles on to the eyelid.

Make-up solution: Apply mascara with little strokes, going from the outer corner. If you smudge it, let it dry, and then pick it off. - Daily Mail