You won't need lip liner for this trend. (Pic: Instagram)

No lip liner? No problem. You won’t be needing it to achieve this summer’s hottest make-up trend. You don’t even have to worry about applying your lipstick perfectly. Smudged lipstick is a hot trend straight off this year’s fashion weeks catwalks.

The global senior artist for MAC Cosmetics South Africa, Raine Tauber, worked backstage at the London and Milan fashion week shows.

“The one big trend was the variety of red, blurry lips.

“We saw this in a multitude of textures but most frequently matte where the lipstick was applied and blurred around the edges to make it a bit more real and worn or imperfect,” says Tauber about trends to come out of fashion week.

“Grab yourself a matte red/pink lipstick, I recommend MAC Dance With Me Retro matte Liquid Lipcolour, slick it on and buff out (smudge) the edges,” she suggests on how to get the look.

It's probably one of the easiest looks to achieve. At least now you won’t have to worry about those smudged lips after smooching.