Minimalistic makeup by NeonMUA. Picture: Twitter.
Whoever said makeup "is for women only" was wrong because there are men who wear makeup and look so good with it. 

They have proven that anyone can wear make-up, men or women, and definitely, know how to colour slay. 

Here are our top six men who wear make-up with pride:

Somizi Mhlongo (@somizi)
Media personality and choreographer, Somizi Mhlongo is the first man in Africa to be the face of a make-up brand, Black Opel. 
The Idols judge enjoys pulling off dramatic looks. We love his choice of nails, always short and nicely painted. 

Neon (@NeonMUA)

The North Carolinian make-up artist, Neon is one of our favourites. Every week he uploads make-up tutorial videos on YouTube - and to keep it popping, he prefers bright eyeshadow.

Thomas Halbert (@thomashalbert)

Beauty guru, Thomas Halbert started wearing make-up comfortably in 2014. The "agender" make-up artist is currently planning a USA tour and even started one of the biggest YouTube trends - I tried following X make-up artist, which saw a huge spike in his prominence. 

The Thomas Halbert glow. Picture: Instagram. 

Itumeleng Mokwatlo (@tumipowerhouse)

With his vivacious character, he oozes confidence. Tumi Mokwatlo is a self-taught make-up artist who started wearing makeup in high school. He has built a name for himself in the industry and has worked with local celebrities such as Bokang Montjane, Zola Nombona, and Dawn Thandeka King.

Itumeleng Mokwatlo looking fabulous with bronze eyeliner. Picture: Instagram. 

King of Highlight (@poeticdrug)

Instafamous make-up artist, Poetic Drug will blind you with a highlighter. He loves looking glamorous and his contouring skills are feisty -revealing all the glow make-up has to offer. 

King of Highlight looking all glamorous in orange. Picture: Instagram. 

Simply J MUA (@makeupboysa)

One of the newest additions to the make-up scene, the local boy recently stated his make-up page kicking his first look off with a pride inspired look and usually updates his page once a week.

Simply J wearing his pride inspired makeup look. Picture: Instagram.