Marie Aoun. Picture: Supplied.
This May, the Trenery Guild has collaborated with artisanal parfumier Marie Aoun, founder of Saint d’Ici, in a partnership that evokes the distinct mood of cashmere. 

After spending a decade in the fashion industry, it was Aoun's passion for gardening where she discovered her love of botanicals and natural perfume. Aoun trained with Dominique Dubrana of La Via del Profumo, a natural perfumery she admires in Italy, learning the intricate and precise craft of creating scents naturally.

Saint d’Ici candle made by Marie Aoun. 

It is this tireless creative pursuit of quality and perfection that makes Aoun a clear collaborator for the Trenery Guild.

Working hard to create her exclusive ranges, her products are made with ethically-sourced ingredients from farmers that abide by the best practices of sustainable farming.

Woman at work: Marie Aoun mixing the ingredients to make a candle. 

“The way you build perfumes naturally is very different. With synthetic perfumes, you can have up to 300 ingredients because you have the ability to isolate each individual element of the scent.

"Natural perfumery is akin to alchemy, there’s a definitive art to the blending in pursuit of the metaphorical gold,” says Aoun.

Light it up. A Saint D’Ici candle. 

The Saint D’Ici x Trenery Guild candle is created with a South African beeswax base, admired for its warm, honeyed notes. Beeswax is an incomparable natural wax that provides a beautiful burn and purifies the ambient air in the process. 

Further ingredients include the essential oil Namibian Myrrh; ouhout, an evergreen tree native to southern Africa; and vetiver, a beautifully fragrant grass native to India. All this results a stunning, calming scent that evokes the richness of cashmere.