Nkiase Mahlo
Nkiase Mahlo, 23, of Fourways, Johannesburg considers herself a make-up enthusiast and soon false lashes connoisseur.

Having grown up between South Africa, the UK, and the US, Mahlo was afforded the chance to be accustomed to different aesthetics, ways of thinking, and values. She always liked beautiful things and has been drawing since the age of two.

She specialises in monochrome looks, using one colour for an entire look to convey different moods and themes. Mahlo studied fashion design at Istituto Marangoni London last year, after having studied fine art at Wits in 2012.

Nkiase Mahlo in green lips. 

Struggling to get herself out there for people to notice her work, Mahlo started a YouTube channel where she shares make-up tutorials. She then realised that although there were negative connotations linked to the make-up community, there are still lots of pros to make-up. Mahlo’s general rule is to spend more on foundations and powders than lip and eye products. Higher quality face products elevate every aspect of your make-up and give you a flawless base to work on. Here are a few tips on how you can make your face glow:

WATCH: Midnight Blue Makeup Tutorial

- Start with the face and put on prime before applying a thin layer of a high quality, fine milled loose powder all over the face (this is best for people with oily skin or who are prone to sweating).

- Use a stippling and buffing motion to apply foundation all over the face before using a lighter full coverage concealer and setting the “highlight” zone with a translucent/yellow loose powder.

- Depending on your face shape and bone structure, add a powder contour.

Pink trend. 

- Set the whole face with a pressed powder so there are no harsh lines. A first spritz of setting spray is next and then dab the mist into the skin with a buffer brush to really get it into the skin.

- You then do brows and eyes before finishing off with a highlight, lashes, and a final spritz of setting spray.

For more beauty tips from Mahlo, follow her YouTube channel on hareandmakeup and @hare_and_makeup on Instagram.