South African skincare range Placecol has recently launched a new range of serums to treat skin conditions at cellular level.

Placecol skincare has recently launched a new range of serums to treat skin conditions at cellular level.
The Placecol Excellence range is packed with active ingredient, offering solutions for the most common skin concerns, including erasing fine lines and reducing wrinkles, combating hyper-pigmentation or sun damage or refining your skin’s texture.

For the past 4 weeks I have been using 3 of the products to see whether they made a difference to my skin condition:

Placecol Excellence Gravity Lift Solution:
25ml RSP R750

This serum contains a blend of 8 age-defying active ingredients to give the face a visible lift by strengthening sagging skin.
I applied it morning and evening for 10 days and noticed that the skin around my chin and jawline appeared to be firmer and the lines around my eyes were not as noticeable due to the plumping effect.
It’s an easy product to apply and is quickly absorbed so it didn’t add any extra time to my skincare regime. 

I love the idea that it contains a blend of plant extracts and irritant-free Retinol to stimulate and reinforce the restructuring of the skin. 
Placecol Excellence Brighten Solution
25ml RSP R690

The next serum that I used was the Excellence Brighten Solution to combat hyper-pigmentation and sun damage, as well as brighten the skin. 
Containing Salicylic Acid to reduce redness and calm the skin, Retinol to improve blemishes and a combination of Vitamin C and Mulberry extract for skin brightening.
My skin definitely appeared to be brighter, my sun damage spots lighter and pores more refined. The serum was easily absorbed and left no residue on my skin. I will continue to use this, combined with a sunscreen throughout summer.
Placecol Excellence Scar Solution

25ml RSP R490

The final serum that I tried was the Excellence Scar Solution - with Vitamins B5, E, Licorice and Retinol, it calms and repairs irritated skin while stimulating collagen production.
I used this serum a few times on a scar that was irritated and slightly purple and within 2 applications the irritation subsided - which was really impressive. I would recommend this for anyone who has scarring, whether it is new or old (my scar is 3 years old).
Final thoughts:

All three of the products that I tried contain an anti-oxidant which offers skin protection against blue light rays from cell phones and screens - which is great, as most of us are exposed to screen time throughout the day.

The serums are available at any Placecol clinics nationwide, online at