Rihanna. Picture: Instagram
Rihanna. Picture: Instagram

Rihanna opens up about her skin problems

By Thobile Mazibuko Time of article published Jul 28, 2020

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Singer and fashionista Rihanna has opened up about her skin woes.

The businesswoman, who recently launched Fenty Skin, took to social media to share some of the skin problems she has encountered in the past.

She said her skincare journey has been quite complex as some parts of her face are oily, some are dry, which is mostly because of fatigue from travel.

Due to sensitive skin, she was inspired to start Fenty Skincare, a brand made for everyone.

Taking to YouTube, Riri spoke about the challenges of finding the right products when you have sensitive skin.

She said: “I’m a woman of colour and I have a lot of sensitivity in a lot of areas on my face. So I get picky with products and a lot of times I get scared and cautious. I wanted a product that just worked. More than anything, that was just the most important thing for me. Something that worked for everyone.

“I wanted the best ingredients that didn’t cost a lot, pack it into a product and make the best of the best. Focus on a very few amount of products that I feel like you need. Make them better than anything I’ve ever used, anything I’ve ever encountered and everything that’s on the market that has confused me. Because I believe that’s what people deserve. They deserve great products, great skin that should not be accessible.”

For this campaign, she features male models as her skincare brand caters for all genders.

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