These brushes claim to banish germs, combat ageing and prevent UV damage. Pic: Pinterest.

We’re officially in love with make-up brushes. Nearly half of women use them, and most of us think our makeup looks more polished when we do.

But now brushes are giving us extra bang for our bristles but do they really bring added benefits? We put them to the test . . .

The Youth Booster

IT Cosmetics Heavenly Skin One Sweep Wonder Brush (R664,

Designed with the help of plastic surgeons, this cruelty-free highlighter, bronzer and blusher brush is infused with anti-ageing skincare ingredients such as collagen, silk, vitamins A and E, peptides and niacin.

The ‘innovative brush technology’ claims to ‘improve the look of skin on application’ — though they don’t tell you how, and has a dual bristle structure, with denser bristles towards the base, which trap and deliver more powder and finer bristles at the top for a lighter dusting of your chosen powder.


I struggled to notice any skincare effects and I’d question whether the proprietary blend, which they say stays permanently in the bristles, adds anything directly to my skin, especially as my blusher and bronzer are the last things to go on after my anti-ageing serum, moisturiser, SPF, primer and foundation.

The elongated shape makes it versatile for large sweeps as well as finer edges if you want to add a touch of bronzer to your hairline or jawline, or highlighter around your cheeks. For the price, I would have liked a protective case for the brush’s delicate baby hairs.


The sun saviour

Colorescience Sunforgettable Total Protection brush-on shield SPF 50 (R870,

This award-winning brush dispenses antioxidant-rich mineral powder (available in four shades) from a reservoir in its base, protecting against ageing UVA light. burning UVB rays, as well as blue light from screens and pollution.

It also claims to be water resistant for up to 80 minutes and non-comedogenic (meaning it does not block the pores).


I activated the brush by swirling it around in my palm for a minute or so until a puff of powder emerged. The bristles are quite firm as you need to apply pressure. I dusted my face, décolletage and backs of hands and it left a matte finish that also provided a slight blurring effect thanks to the pigment.

Because it’s a fragrance-free mineral powder, it’s suitable for sensitive and problem skins and I happily took it up to the eye area, which I would avoid with a chemical sunscreen.

It was a little difficult to tell whether I’d missed patches, so I preferred to use it for top-ups during the day after I’d applied a good layer of my normal liquid SPF. I was more inclined to reapply because it went on easily over make-up. A brush with true benefits, whether you are outdoors or glued to a screen.


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