Susan Sarandon. Picture: Instagram

Susan Sarandon feels "flattered" being the face of L'Oreal at her age as she has always been a huge fan of the brand, especially because of their slogan.

The 70-year-old actress has been announced as the new representative of the cosmetics brand, and the star is flattered she has been handpicked to front the brand because she has "always" loved the company, especially their slogan. 

Speaking to Hello! magazine about her latest partnership, the flame-haired beauty said: "It's flattering, but right from the beginning I have loved the idea of L'Oreal's strapline: 'Because you're worth it'. 

"You know, at the time make-up to be beautiful fir others, to please someone other than yourself. And so this idea, not that you cannot be beautiful without make-up but that you are worth the time it take to feel good about yourself, was exciting."

And the 'Stepmom' star thinks it is important older women are cast in campaigns for skincare and beauty labels because women believe they become "invisible" when they hit 40 years old. 

She explained: "I think that everyone talks about becoming invisible at 40, but maybe it's moved up a little bit now. 

"L'Oreal is certainly going against that belief [by working] with Helen Mirren and Julianne Moore - it is putting its money behind older women that people can identify with. And that's smart - there are so many baby boomers who buy tickets to the theatre and travel and buy gorgeous clothes and buy beauty products, so it makes sense."

And Susan has revealed she swears by three beauty essentials, which include the brand's new Age Perfect Golden Age Day cream, as well as SPF and a lip balm. 

She said: "L'Oreal's new Age Perfect Golden Age Day cream that Helen Mirren is the face of - it's important to stay moisturised as you get older. And I use SPF and lip balm too."