Bronzers are all about making the skin look better. Picture: PxFuel
Bronzers are all about making the skin look better. Picture: PxFuel

The right way to apply bronzer

By Nneka Jonas Time of article published Mar 24, 2020

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Thanks to improved makeup skills and better bronzer formulations, we now have zillions of colours, textures and finishes options. However, figuring out how to use bronzers can be difficult as ever.

Bronzers are all about making the skin look better, meaning you don't want to add a false tan look on your face but rather you're just trying to warm it up.

A few small mistakes will leave you in all the wrong ways looking brown, muddy-complexed or shimmery. Luckily, when it comes to wearing bronzer, you will nail the most natural sun-kissed look with our tips on what to do (and what not to do).

DON'T: Use a shade that's too dark

A colour/shade that is too dark for your skin tone will make you look dirty and unnatural. Always choose a bronzer color that is no more than two shades darker than your skin tone.

DO: Use the right brush for best-bronzed results

Choose a soft brush, gloss brush, or an angled bronzer brush, all of which have more loose-packed bristles, for lighter use.

DON'T: Overload your brush with the product

Swirl your brush in the bronzer

Caking your brush with a bronzer, then swiping it straight onto your face, is a failure formula. The bronzer pigment may be concentrated too strongly in one area. Best technique: Swirl, Tap, apply.

So if you're using a liquid or cream formula, much like foundation and other base makeup, make sure you slowly brush on a product by dusting a single layer at a time, adding up until you have a soft, sun-kissed colour.

DO: Add bronzer carefully, instead of brushing your face

If you're extremely light-handed, a sheer bronzer veil applied with a big, fluffy brush may look perfect, but it's easy to veer into overdone territories and end up with your face looking different from the rest of your body. Instead, just add bronzer to the spots where the light actually hits: the forehead, the tip of the nose, around the cheekbones and the jawline.

DON'T: Apply bronzer in a rush

If your application is too hasty, you might risk getting it way-too-heavy, which is obviously not what you are looking for. Bronzer is like perfume: you can still apply more later, but it's impossible to repair without washing it out if you apply too much.

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