Get that golden tan without the sun burn. (Pic: Instagram)
Get that golden tan without the sun burn. (Pic: Instagram)
Vita Liberata Rapid Tinted Tan Mousse
Vita Liberata Rapid Tinted Tan Mousse

You dream about having that much-desired sun goddess copper tan but don’t want to spend hours in the sun trying to achieve it. Nobody wants to be nursing painful sunburn and, more importantly, suffer the long-term effects of overexposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Self-tanning is a quick and supposedly easy way to achieve that golden tan, but for those who have already tried this at home, they will know it’s not that simple - especially when you end up with orange-tinted palms and orange streaks across your legs.

Tanned legs are easy to achieve at home. (Pic: Instagram)

Mylene Wait, CEO of Vita Liberata South Africa, has some tips on how to get that “I just got back from a tropical island holiday” tan without looking like an orange mess.

Prep your skin by eating lots of fruit and vegetables and drinking lots of water. Always exfoliate and, if you need to, shave, do so at least four hours before applying self-tanning products to create a smooth skin canvas.

Circular motions are usually best when applying a self-tanner. You don’t need to rub it in. For creases in dry areas, such as the elbows and knees, apply moisturiser and allow to absorb for at least an hour before tanning. 

Always lightly wipe the knuckles, knees and backs of the hands with a damp cloth or wet wipe after applying the tan, to ensure the most natural-looking tan. The skin on these areas is drier and can result in a darker fade if you don’t dab them afterwards.

Always use a mitt to apply self-tanner to avoid tanning your palms. If you don’t have a mitt, you can use a large make-up brush or sponge. Start on the face, with the arms, chest and legs following, and save the feet and hands for last. You want as little product on the mitt as possible for the most realistic results.

Maintain your tan by moisturising twice daily and avoid shaving and waxing. Don’t use shower gels or moisturisers that contain essential oils as these oils can strip the tan, reducing the length of time you get out of it. For an extra tan boost, a lotion with a gradual-build tan effect is a great option to top up your colour.

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Vita Liberata Tanning Mitt

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Vita Liberata Rapid Tinted Tan Mousse