Unprotected exposure to the sun will cause sunburn. Picture: Pixabay
Unprotected exposure to the sun will cause sunburn. Picture: Pixabay

Tips on how to take the ouch out of sunburn

By Gerry Cupido Time of article published Dec 22, 2021

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There’s nothing more intoxicating than the smell of coconut oil wafting on a fresh ocean breeze as the sizzling hot sun kisses your skin.

Spending a day at the beach or along the poolside is the perfect way to keep cool on those hot days and catch that much-desired summer holiday golden tan.

While most people understand the importance of sunscreen, they would turn a blind eye to achieve the perfect tan. This often leads to the much-dreaded, fiery red and painful sunburn rather than a subtle tan.

If you’ve ever had the misfortune of getting sunburnt, you would know that even the softest towel will feel like coarse sandpaper.

Sunburn is visually unappealing, extremely painful and can lead to possible long-term skin damage which can lead to skin cancer. Even finding a comfortable pain-free position to sleep in can be a challenge.

Sunburn can be painful. Picture: Pixabay

Here are few tips on how to ease the discomfort.

1. Cool the skin by sponging it with cool (not ice-cold) water or by having a cool shower or bath.

2. Applying a cold compress, such as a cold flannel, to the affected area will also cool your skin.

3. Drinking plenty of fluids will help cool you down and replace water lost through sweating. It will also help prevent dehydration.

5. Avoid drinking alcohol as it will dehydrate you even more.

6. Moisturisers that contain aloe vera will also help soothe your skin.

7. Painkillers can help relieve the pain and reduce the inflammation.

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