Maxi dreads. Picture: Supplied.

During winter, women don’t only worry about their wardrobes to keep warm but hair too.

As they say, “beauty starts from the hair” so regardless of a hot outfit, you still need a good hairstyle to match it with.

Sometimes it can be difficult to get a proper hairstyle in winter, provided that you have to look good but still keep warm.

Here are the top 10 hairstyles you can rock this winter:

10. Curly wigs

Most curly wigs are good in winter because they cover your ears and match with almost every outfit, especially Russian coats.

Curl wig.Picture: Supplied.

9. 2 tone box braids

They are the in thing now because they are long and can last you up to two months, so no regular visits at the salon when you got them on.

2 tone box braids. Picture:Supplied.

8. Twist wigs

They don’t affect the hairline like normal plaited twists. You can easily take them out with your hairline still intact. Also, the wig can last you for up to three years and don’t take time, it’s just wear and go unlike normal plaiting where you have to stay for hours.

Twist wig. Picture:Supplied.

7. Chinese bob

It’s easy to do, takes a short period of time and covers the ears. You also don’t have to iron it, it’s a brush and go.

Chinese bob. Picture: Supplied.

6. Maxi dread

It also covers the ears, has volume and not time consuming.

Maxi dreads. Picture: Supplied.

5. Regina

It’s long enough with volume to keep you warm.

Regina. Picture: Supplied.

4. Chinese box braids

They are short and simple. Also cover the ears.

Chinese box braids. Picture: Supplied.

3. Afro bun

Still give you that natural look and keeps you warm

Afro bun.Picture: Supplied.

2. Afro razer

For those who always want to remain “natural”, Afro razer is for you because it looks like your normal short hair bit actually warmer because it covers the head.

Afro razor: Picture: Supplied.

1. Long Brazilian weave

Long weave covers from ears to the neck. Quit thick but soft.

Brazilian weave. Picture: Supplied.