Boity Thulo Pic: Andile Mthembu
Boity Thulo Pic: Andile Mthembu
Lerato Sengadi Pic: Andile Mthembu
Lerato Sengadi Pic: Andile Mthembu
Leanne Dlamini Pic: Andile Mthembu
Leanne Dlamini Pic: Andile Mthembu
Iman Mkwanazi Pic:Andile Mthembu
Iman Mkwanazi Pic:Andile Mthembu
Tumi Mohale and ThiThi Ntetha Pic: Andile Mthembu
Tumi Mohale and ThiThi Ntetha Pic: Andile Mthembu
The ethnic hair scene is becoming more and more creative, exciting and adventurous, and styles like simple singles and basic cornrows are rapidly becoming old-fashioned.

Ethnic hair is currently revolutionising the way women care for and style their hair, and Gauteng-based salon Candi & Co is providing a premium, affordable and accessible hair service specialising in natural hair, protective styling, weaves and wigs.

While heavily focused on ethnic hair, they are an all-type hair salon that focuses on hair type instead of racialising hair.

Candi & Co recently launched their 2017 Hair Trends Report, which was guest edited by Boity Thulo, and features some of South Africa’s greatest influencers looking glam with the latest do’s.

Lerato Sengadi Pic: Andile Mthembu

It included Lulama Wolf, ThiThi Ntetha, Leanne Dlamini, Zenande Mfenyana, DJ Olwee, Tumi Mohale, Lerato Sengadi and Iman Mkwanazi.

“This trends report was put together by a respected, researched and talented team of people from the hair and beauty industry and is a brilliant way for our customers to enjoy the hottest 2017 trends locally, and internationally.” says Candice Thurston, managing director of Candi & Co.

One of the highlights of the report featured a shoot with model Iman Mk sporting a R30000 custom weave.

We asked Thurston about ethnic hairstyling issues in 2017.

Iman Mkwanazi Pic:Andile Mthembu

What are the hottest trends in ethnic hairstyles right now and what can we look forward to in 2017?

Hair is going to be far from boring. So the more creative, the better. Switch it up and try styles you have never done before. It’s the year to be brave. Check out our 2017 trends report and the latest Solange hair shoot. That’s what it’s all about.

Braids: Braids are being used as a form of art. Mixing plaits with Afros, faux-locks and adding jewellery and materials are going to be hot for 2017.

Weaves/Wig: The longer the better. Hair till your hips and longer is going to be the rave in 2017. Adding interesting colours like rose-gold pink and blue-grey is also going to be hot this season.

Tumi Mohale and ThiThi Ntetha Pic: Andile Mthembu

What are the best treatments for maintaining different hairstyles?

Healthy hair is defined by protein and moisture. Our hair is made up of 90% protein/moisture, and getting this balance right is crucial to maintaining healthy hair.

Chemicals like colour, relaxers and Brazilians impact the protein of your hair. Mechanical factors like brushing, heat and irons impact the moisture in the hair.

It is important to understand what your hair is lacking and then choose a treatment that is protein based or moisture based or an equal balance.

What do you need to consider when choosing a new style?

Styles are dependent on lifestyle and career. For example, do you run or swim, or are you a lawyer or a creative? Based on this, a woman can choose what works best for her lifestyle, as well as what is easier to maintain.

The second part is face shape. Not all styles suit everybody, so take time to understand what works best for the shape of your face.

Lastly, take into consideration the season you are in. In winter, hair needs more moisture, so don’t make the mistake of choosing styles that will rob your hair of this.

Some women choose to do braids or weaves during winter and not washing, moisturising or removing for three months.

This destroys the hairline and causes major hair breakage due to the climate, so ensure you look after your hair.

What should you be doing at home to keep your hair and styles looking good?

Depending on your style, the most important thing is to ensure that your natural hair is being looked after and maintained.

It’s a good idea to wash your hair once a week and use a hair mask or conditioner. This stimulates growth and prevents hair from breaking.

If you have braids or a weave on, buy a spray product that will cleanse the scalp and keep hair moisturised.

Our favourite product is the Ladine Braids & Weaves range, which has a root treatment and hair juice.

Boity Thulo Pic: Andile Mthembu

Are funky hair colours still popular? If so, what colours are most popular at the moment? 

Colour is always going to be in. This year it’s a bit different as there’s a move towards more pastel colours with a twist. Think rose-gold pink or blue-grey.

Which celebs, local and international, are the trendsetters when it comes to ethnic hairstyles?

Internationally, I would definitely say Solange.

Locally, one of our favourite candi-girls is Big Brother contestant Lerato Sengadi.

They have fun with hair and really push the boundaries.

The Candi in the City Hair Trends Report can be viewed at

They have successfully launched six stores in Randburg, Sunninghill, Blue Hills, Carlswald, Pretoria and Northgate, and plan on launching more stores in 2017.