Decorate your Christmas tree instead of your brows. (Pic: Instagram)

Every year new makeup trends pop up. Some we love, embrace, watch endless YouTube tutorials to perfect. 

Makeup junkies proudly show off their newly acquired skills and hashtag up a storm. Then there are those trends, or let’s say phases, where makeup enthusiast take their passion for creative makeup just a step too far. So far that it steps into the ridiculous category. Here a few of cringe worthy “trends”. 

This, year eyebrows have been the focus of a number of those outrageous trends. 

Overdone brows: We all love well defined brows, filled and groomed to perfection but some took it to the extreme. Exaggerated shapes, bordering on unibrows and unrealistic fades and fills that don’t even resemble natural brows. Stop this!

Barbwire/feather brows: As the name suggest, these are brows shaped to look like feathers or barbwires. Need I say more? Why would anyone WANT their eyebrows to look like that?

Xmas tree brows: We all get into the festive mood but do our brows have to as well? 

Squiggle brows: At first I thought this was a photoshop joke. Sadly it wasn’t. People actually turning their brows wavy squiggles. You’ll get sea sick just looking at them.

Here are few others...

Unicorn everything: Can we please leave unicorns in fairy tale books. In 2017 the mystical unicorn found its way into makeup looks, hairstyles and colours, and even into mani and pedis. Enough already!

Excessive highlights: Just because you own at least 10 highlighters, from silver to gold, in your makeup kit doesn’t mean you have to use ALL of it at the same time. Less is more ladies. 

The man bun: It was annoying in 2016 and refused to get the chop in 2017. Come on guys, can we please leave those to the sumo wrestlers. 

Over contouring: Contouring is meant to highlight your natural features NOT completely  change what you look. Some ladies take it to the extreme that it looks like they’ve undergone plastic surgery!