Have you ever had a lipstick that you loved so much it actually saddened you when it got to the end? Or you dropped your favourite eyeshadow and it is now a crumpled mess?

Just because you can no longer glide it across your lips doesn’t mean you now have to toss it in the bin. That’s like throwing away pocket change. And who’s going to do that when we are all trying to save every cent?

Buy a few cosmetic refills in different sizes. These can be found in the travel section of most stores for when you want to decant your lotions or hair products for travelling. Now you are ready to upcycle those make-up products that you would usually discard.

Here are a few ways

Lipsticks: Scrape out the last bits of lipstick stuck in the bottom of the tube and mix it with petroleum jelly. And voilà! You have a tinted lipbalm.

Pink or red lipsticks can easily double up as cream blush, creating a dewy effect.

Dark lipsticks that you find are not quite working for you on your lips can transform into a cream eyeshadow to get that wet-look effect.

Create a new shade of lipstick by mixing old colours together. Dig out the remains of the lipsticks you want to mix, then melt down the colours. Mix them together and pour into a clean small container. It will harden into a brand-new shade.

Shimmer eyeshadows: Those cracked shimmer eyeshadows that are now making a mess in your cosmetic bag still have their uses.

Remove the crumply shadow from the holder, crush it into a fine powder then mix with a clear nail varnish to create a metallic nail colour.

Crushed finely gold, copper and bronze colour shimmer eyeshadows can be mixed into body lotion, to a shimmer body lotion which can be used on arms, legs and décolletage. Mix silver or gold shimmer powders with your favourite lipstick or simply dab it over your lipgloss or lipstick for metallic effect.

The same colours can be used as a highlighter as well to create the strobing, glowing look.

Mascara: Dried out mascara can be warmed up in a cup of hot water until it’s gooey again and ready to apply. 

Don’t throw away mascara brushes from empty or expired mascara (remember that mascara has a lifespan of three months once it’s been opened). Clean the brush and use it for grooming unruly eyebrows.

Blusher: Crush cracked powder blusher into a fine powder. Then mix the powder into a bit of petroleum. Apply to the apple of the cheeks for a dewy blush look.

Perfume: Place empty bottles between your clothes in your drawer and shelves to add scent. Much like you would use scented drawer liners.

Those last drops of perfume you can no longer spray out can be mixed into your favourite body lotion. Make sure the lotion itself doesn’t have a strong scent.

Foundation: Have you ever tested a foundation on your hand or under bad lighting then got home to find that it’s either too light or too dark?

Ladies, those are perfect for creating Kim Kardashian’s contoured look. Use the dark foundation under your cheekbones to create the appearance of accentuated cheekbones. The same colour can be used on the side of your nose as well as the jawline.

The foundation that’s too light can be used the same way you would use a highlighter. Use along the top of your cheekbones and bridge of your nose as well as the tip of the nose.

If the foundation is just a shade lighter, it could be used as a concealer as well.