WATCH: Dupes! Want to buy luxury beauty brands but can’t afford it? TikTok has your back

Published Sep 23, 2022


I love perfume. I would quite easily buy a bottle of perfume rather than a pair of shoes any day.

The horror! I hear the ladies out there gasping as they clutch their pearls.

However, my budget doesn’t allow me to buy as much perfume as I would love to.

Every time through the perfume sections I have to tell myself, “Gerry, look, touch, smell, but don’t buy!”

In fact, it’s not just perfume that tug at my purse strings. All things cosmetic and skincare related are my weakness.

Products over clothes any day!

So when I came across the “dupes” TikTok trend I found myself scrolling for at least an hour through all the dupes beauty influencers have shared.

Dupes are products that are the same, or very similar to, the expensive brand we would sell a pinky toe for.

I first came across the “dupes alert” voice when a beauty blogger and fellow perfume addict Petra posted a video on Zara perfume dupes and which luxury brands they smell like.

@fragrance.dictionary Dupe for a very popular expensive perfume #perfume #perfumetok #fragrance #dupealert ♬ original sound - Sean Anthony 🌟

Oh, what happiness it brought me to know that I could now smell like Baccarat Rouge for a fraction of the price.

Clicking on the sound lead me down a rabbit hole of make-up, skincare and even clothing dupes.

And of course, it lead me to the original post by none other than make-up guru, Sean Anthony.

His first “dupes” video was on Nars versus Maybelline foundation.

Here’s where it all began.

@seananthonyv DUPE ALERT?! 🚨![CDATA[]]>🚨![CDATA[]]>🚨 #seananthony #viralmakeup #makeup #makeupfyp #beautytips #beautyhacks #beauty #dupe #makeuphacks ♬ original sound - Sean Anthony 🌟

Here are a few other video I simply had to share because we can all do with a bit of a spoil, but only cheaper.

@mangomoniica Still shook how identical these are🤯![CDATA[]]>😍 #dupes #makeupdupes #dupealert #makeupdupesforhighendproducts #makeupdupesforhighend #dupesforcheap #dupesforless #affordablemakeup #drugstoremakeup #highendmakeup #lipglossdupe #makeupreview #weartest #essencecosmetics #essenceextremeshine #fentybeauty #fentybeautyglossbomb #foryou #fyp #viralmakeup #makeupoftiktok #mangomoniica @essence cosmetics @Fenty Beauty ♬ original sound - Sean Anthony 🌟