Gerry Cupido's first Botox experience with Dr Zak Schabort.
Gerry Cupido's first Botox experience with Dr Zak Schabort.

WATCH: My first Botox treatment

By Gerry Cupido Time of article published Jun 13, 2019

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Plastic surgery and facial aesthetics have become so popular that people no longer blink an eye when someone’s lips get fuller overnight.

Procedures, invasive or not, have come a long way since Micheal Jackson’s obvious facial mishaps or Nicole Kidman and Courtney Cox’s expressionless faces.

At the beginning of this year, I had the opportunity to have a bit of Botox done and thought, what the heck, let me give it a try.

I’d never had any none invasive (definitely no invasive) treatments done before, so I was a little nervous. Ok, I was VERY nervous. 

But because I was in the experienced hands of Dr Zak Schabort from The Cosmetic and Dental Emporium, I knew I wasn’t going to leave the surgery looking like a ceramic doll. 

I had no idea that the treatment only involved three tiny (fairly painless) injections to my brow. It was over before the seat got warm!

Gerry Cupido's first Botox experience.

For the first few minutes after the injections I had three small bumps where I got the injections.

They went down pretty quickly though.

I didn't notice an immediate change but after about a week the difference was quite visible.

Because I have a permanent scar between my brows and I’m constantly frowning I have pesky ageing lines but the Botox smoothed them out. 

Gerry Cupido with Dr Zak Schabort after her Botox experience.

I loved the results which lasted for over three months.

I had a more youthful brow area and looked less grumpy. I would definitely have it done again. 

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