WATCH: Naomi Campbell and Elsa Majimbo share night-time skincare routine

Naomi Campbell. | Instagram @naomi

Naomi Campbell. | Instagram @naomi

Published Jan 11, 2021


British supermodel Naomi Campbell has been hanging out with Kenyan comedian Elsa Majimbo and together they’ve been doing some cool stuff.

On New Year’s Eve, the multi-award-winning comedian went to the beach with Campbell. They spent the night there, only going back home just before 6am.

Campbell, who is known to be a clean-freak doesn’t go to bed with make-up on (which is a good thing because sleeping with make-up can cause skin problems).

She introduced Majimbo to her skincare routine, which includes wearing a mask every day.

Majimbo shared the skincare routine on her YouTube channel, and this is how they managed to keep their skin flawless.

After their night out, they first applied a make-up dissolving mist. Majimbo directly sprayed it on the face, while Campbell used wet wipes. “I’m not going to spray my face directly because I have lashes,” said Campbell. Before she was introduced to make-up removal wipes, Campbell used to use baby wipes.

To remove eye make-up, she introduced Majimbo to the old-fashion technique of using earbuds.

They applied water spray, put a solution toner on the cotton wool and applied it to the face.

That step was followed by a cream mask and a little extra spray.

In the morning, they used the “Naomi concoction” mixed with essential oils.

But first they applied an activation spray to prepare the face for another mask.

Pro tip: To keep your skin young and flawless, make sure you eat right and drink lots of water.

WATCH: Naomi Campbell’s skincare routine with Elsa Majimbo

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