Model Naomi Campbell shares her beauty routine. Picture: YouTube Thumbnail.
Model Naomi Campbell shares her beauty routine. Picture: YouTube Thumbnail.

WATCH: Naomi Campbell shares her 10-minute beauty routine

By Bang Showbiz Time of article published Jun 17, 2020

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Naomi Campbell has shared her 10 minute beauty routine, which includes a microneedle roller but says she never does her own eyebrows.

The 50-year-old model can speed through her daily skincare and make-up routine in just 10 minutes but admitted there are some areas she needs help with, such as eyebrows.

In a new Vogue Beauty Secrets video, Naomi shared that she always uses a microneedle roller all over her face.

She said: "I'm going to guide you through a quick skincare routine and a quick beauty look. I have to be a bit careful cause it's very sharp and they're extra long. Don't go too close to under the eyes with this [microneedle roller]."

Naomi - who recently became the first global face of Pat McGrath Labs - also revealed she loves to experiment with make-up.

She said: "For me when I'm doing makeup, I'm playing at the same time. I'm trying new colours and trying something new each time. It's kind of an experiment to see how it turns out."

However, the stunning supermodel is not confident when it comes to doing her own eyebrows.

She said: "I'm really bad at eyebrows. If you get it wrong it can be a disaster for your whole face. So I'm not going to touch my eyebrows. I'm just going to brush them and leave them because I know I will make a mess!"

And Naomi explained that her best skincare tip came from her mother Valerie.

She explained: "My mother always told me I had to moisturise my face and body. I used to use my mother's products when I was a child. But it's something in my family, that the women [would take] care of their skin and kept it hydrated."

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