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Monday, December 11, 2023

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WATCH: TikTok’s viral ‘age’ filter leaves Mzansi traumatised

People are not happy about the latest viral TikTok filter. Picture: Unsplash May Gauthier

People are not happy about the latest viral TikTok filter. Picture: Unsplash May Gauthier

Published Jul 10, 2023


We’re all going to age. Some faster than others. Some better than others.

It all depends on your genetics and how well you take care of yourself.

TikTok’s new “age” filter is currently trending and is leaving many users traumatised.

While it’s merely a filter like many others that transform your face, this one has really hit a nerve.

Nobody wants to age. And most people certainly don’t want to know what they would look like when they do.

This, however, is not stopping people from trying out the viral filter anyway.

Many TikTokers are saying that it makes them look like their grandmother or father.

“I look like my grandmother. I look like my dad’s mom. And my mom’s dad,” Paballo Kgware told her 1.6 million followers as she tried the filter while wearing a bonnet.



♬ original sound - Paballo “Ironwoman” Kgware🦿

With over 790K views and 58K likes on the video, here’s what viewers had to say.

“You’re going to be a beautiful granny” said one TikToker.

“You look like Penelope of Queen Charlotte for me,” said another.

Another Mzansi TikToker Zethu Gqola tried the filter as well and simply commented, “Abolish these filters please.”



♬ original sound - Zethu

“At least you look 60ish, I look 500,” commented one of her followers.

“You look so good, mine makes me look like I’m already dead,” said another.

South African singer Robin Pieters wasn’t impressed by the ageing effect, saying that it makes him look 600 years old.



♬ original sound - iamrobinp

TikToker Aminah was left emotional and in tears when the filter made her look like her late great-grandmother.

She captions the video: “This made me sad. I miss you koko.”

@aminah_bri 😔![CDATA[]]>😔![CDATA[]]>😔this made me sad. I miss you koko #aged ♬ original sound - 🌈![CDATA[]]>🌈Aminah🌈![CDATA[]]>🌈