Everyone knows a toner, but what about a tonic? Picture: Pexels.
Everyone knows a toner, the water looking-like liquid that you apply after cleansing the skin but what is a tonic?

When we refer to a tonic we are not talking about the sparkling water that people normally use for mixing cocktails. A skin tonic is a highly effective dermatological preparation, especially developed to refine and rejuvenate the skin after cleansing. 

It’s a combination of allantoin, saccharide isomerate, silk extract, and glyceryl triesters. 

Skin tonic by SkinPhD. Picture: Supplied. 

It helps calm and soothes the skin, by revitalizing and renewing it.  A toner on the other hand helps restore the skin’s natural pH level and remove remaining traces of cleanser. 

Toners and tonics should be part of the skin regime as they are great for adding moisture to the skin, especially during dry seasons like winter. 

A skin tonic is good to use before applying serum and moisturiser as it helps maintain moisture in the skin from the get-go.