Krista Madden launched her zodiac inspired My Sign range in 2016.
Krista Madden launched her zodiac inspired My Sign range in 2016.

Will your next eyeshadow palette be inspired by the zodiac?

By Daily Mail Time of article published Jan 14, 2019

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For make-up inspiration this year, look to the stars — or, more precisely, to your stars. Zodiac-themed beauty might sound an unlikely marriage of concepts, but it is proving to be a big hit both in the retailers and online and is a popular way to choose eyeshadows or body washes.

It is fascinating to see this combination of astrology and beauty emerge against the backdrop of a growing interest in ‘alternative’ therapies, including aromatherapy and the healing power of crystals.

The portents of this trend began in 2016, when beauty expert Krista Madden launched her My Sign range of eyeshadow palettes with Revolution Beauty. ‘Bespoke beauty and personalisation was becoming popular,’ she says. ‘Zodiac signs have colours and gemstones associated with them.

She tried to compose 12 palettes which looked different, but were true to the characteristics of each star sign and still wearable.

‘Even where you had a colour such as red for Aries, or yellow for Leo, it was offered in a shade people would want to use. Even those who don’t believe in astrology are interested in what their palette looks like.’

So, whether or not you are into astrological divination, here’s how you can harness the beauty of the stars . . .

Some scents are more obvious than others. The water sign Pisces, for example, enjoys ‘the sheer aquatic floral scent of waterlily’, while modest Virgo gets a clean citrus scent with revitalising hesperides grapefruit.

The planets align with a perfect pout

Fresh has given its lip balm an astrological spin with their Zodiac Sugar Lip Treatment Advanced Therapy. This is enriched with sugar to hydrate the lips and make them look smoother and plumper.

My Sign eyeshadow palettes

You might think following your star sign would be an unusual way to pick eyeshadow, but these are bestsellers. They come with a base, highlighter and five colours.

The shades range from watery greens (Aquarius) to plums and browns (Scorpio). The My Sign collection now also has a dozen zodiac lip glosses grouped into Earth, Air, Fire and Water collections.

Nail your predictions

Zodiac nail polish from Claires - each of the varnishes in this range is assigned to a different star sign.

Shades include amethyst for Gemini (those who are ‘curious, intelligent and loving’) to turquoise for Aries (‘courageous, confident and optimistic’).

Spongelle Zodiac Body Buffers

The sponges are packed with body wash, which lathers up. They’ll last for at least 15 showers and you can choose from Fire, Earth, Water or Air — each element is associated with three zodiac signs.

The Fire buffer boosts your spirits with a fragrance of spiced neroli. Earth (Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo) has a lavender and sea salt scent, while Water (Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio) gets lotus — the flowers grow in water — and Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) has delicate tuberose.

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