Face shaving for women. Picture: Instagram/IramKaiser
Face shaving for women. Picture: Instagram/IramKaiser

Women are shaving their faces and here’s why

By Gerry Cupido Time of article published Oct 7, 2021

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Women are now shaving their faces, and at first, I couldn’t for the life of me understand why.

Not having to shave our faces is just one of the many perks of being a woman.

One less thing to take time out of our busy days.

Yet, now I’m seeing so many women shaving their faces, and I needed to understand why.

I get why many women wax above their top lip because some of us are simply hairier or have thicker hair than others.

But to shave your whole face?

Here’s what I found out about this beauty trend.

Before we get into what it’s all about, I have to mention that when I say shaving, it’s not women using the type of razor they use on their legs or the one hubby uses, but a special face shaver.

A face shaver with little blades that gently remove fine hairs. These small, flat razors are often used to shape eyebrows as well.

So WHY are women doing it?

The most obvious response would be to remove unwanted hairs, of course!

More so, it smooths the face, removes dead skin and acts and creates a perfectly smooth “canvas” to apply your foundation and other beauty products.

For some ladies, the fine facial hairs referred to as peach fuzz gets in their way of a smooth finish when applying, as well making them appear dull.

If shaving one’s legs can often result in a few nicks and having seen grown men cut themselves while shaving their faces, I’m always fascinated by how these ladies are able to shave their delicate faces without a scratch.

Of course, there’s the special face shaver, but knowing how to hold and angle it correctly as well as a whole lot of practice on other parts of the body is key. Needless to say, using a clean razor as well.

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