South African influencer Witney Ramabulana when she reached 1 million followers on TikTok. Picture: Instagram
South African influencer Witney Ramabulana when she reached 1 million followers on TikTok. Picture: Instagram

Women’s Month: Celebrating 5 inspirational women on TikTok

By Supplied Time of article published Aug 5, 2020

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South Africa is full of strong, inspirational and influential women, some of whom sit on the short-form mobile video platform, TikTok. In light of Women’s Day on August 9, we are taking the opportunity to shine the spotlight on some of the platform’s most loved female creators to celebrate their creativity and authenticity.

We also find out what Women’s Day means to them and how they hope to inspire the women who follow them.

1. Witney Ramabulana

First, we have the queen of the runway walk, Witney8, who is popular on TikTok for creating a variety of entertaining content including dance videos, comedy skits and hopping on to viral challenges. When asked what Women’s Day means to her, Witney said, “as a black woman in South Africa, I take pride in what the women of 1956 did for my freedom. I can be who and what I want to be without the permission of a man because of their fight”.

Witney commands a following of 1 million on TikTok and says that as an influential woman in South Africa, she wants to make sure that she inspires those who are watching her and her content while encouraging them to be themselves and to love themselves, no matter what.

2. Chelsea Keta

Next up is everyone’s favourite creative make-up artist and body painter – Slim Girl Supreme – whom we love because she is bold, beautiful and inspiring. Chelsea says that Women’s Day is a day when she remembers the women who have fought for the rights of other people, especially black women in this country. She adds that it’s a time when we acknowledge the strength and power that women hold, especially when they come together.

Chelsea’s message to women on this day is to always be yourself, stay motivated and achieve your dreams. “I encourage people to always do what comes naturally to their being and allow any kind of growth to take place.”

3. Semone Skosan

Supermom, superwife, super fit and super cool – these are all words that describe Semone, who is known for posting fun and trending videos of herself with her family. She says: “Women’s Day to me means celebrating every type of woman from different walks of life. Remembering the stand that was taken and the true strength we all carry within us.”

Semone says she loves creating videos on TikTok because it allows her to be her unfiltered self. “I get to show others that we are all accepted for who we are and allowing myself to be silly and spread positivity at the same time. I encourage women to embrace who they are.”

4. Bella Monsoon

Latasha is definitely one of the most inspiring creators on TikTok. Aside from being a make-up artist, she is also a budding entrepreneur and trauma counsellor. Although her content focuses on beauty and makeovers, Latasha says her goal is to inspire women to be their most authentic self, which is why she always showcases the raw and real side of her looks, too.

In light of Women’s Day, Latasha shares the following with the women of South Africa: “Be yourself because that is the best and most important thing you can be, and where you can, spread love and kindness to one another because when women support women, remarkable things can happen.”

5. Mpho Pink

Last, we have the lovely Mpho who keeps the world entertained with her African comedy videos and participation in viral trends. Aside from comedy, Mpho also uses her TikTok profile to stand for women and women’s issues. “I participate in trending issues that require awareness around women abuse, femicide, sexual harassment, etc. These issues can be trending on TikTok or around the world – either way, I let my voice be heard.”

To her female followers, Mpho says, “Always use your voice to create change and spread positivity. You are strong and you deserve to rise above and shine.”

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