Former Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi. Picture: Instagram/@zozitunzi.
Former Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi. Picture: Instagram/@zozitunzi.

Zozi Tunzi claps back at troll commenting on her body weight

By Thobile Mazibuko Time of article published Jul 23, 2021

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Body shaming is a real issue. Not only is it experienced by full-figured people, but slim ones are also body shamed.

Former Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi became a victim of body shaming when someone commented negatively about her weight.

The Tsulu-born celebrity posted a picture wearing a blue cropped top and a matching skirt with the caption: “When you wear a cute outfit and you hate all the photos then one day you're like...wait a minute! It's almost giving what it was supposed to give.”

Many seem to love her cute outfit. However, there was one troll who decided to chase clout by pointing out how skinny Tunzi is.

“Miss Universe is finished, now you can start eating,” said the troll.

Being the calm woman she is, Tunzi responded by saying: “Are you not embarrassed?”

Her followers also came to her defence and told the troll how to get off.

“It’s so nice to mind your business you should try it one day,” said @hewing_d, responding to the troll.

While some people may think it’s funny to comment on people’s weight, it is not. Everyone is going through their things. We’re all fighting different battles, and whether someone has lost or gained weight, it’s not your place to point that out.

If you have nothing positive to say about someone’s looks, please, keep your opinion to yourself. There’s no need to tell someone about their looks as if they already don't know. They live in that body, so believe me when I say they are aware of every little change, there's no need to be their self-appointed mirror.

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