Rule the boardroom in style. (Picture: Pixabay)

Women have long taken their seats at the boardroom table. In fact, we now sit at the head of many of those tables - a seat you’ve earned through hard work, talent and determination. A place of power. 

Being in a high profile position comes with more responsibility, longer hours, pressure and STRESS. With all of that going on in your life, one’s personal appearance can often fall by the wayside. But now isn’t the time to allow that to happen. 

Dressing the way you should, will boost your confidence and give you that “don’t mess with me, I’m in charge” vibe. Putting together a work wardrobe isn’t that hard and it doesn’t have to be boring either. We’ve moved on from the grey suits and black court shoes. 

One of the most important items to have is a good blazer. It’s the outermost layer. Like a powerful shield.

Here are a few blazers in different styles and fabrics to power up your wardrobe:

White with black pinstripe single-breasted jacket - H&M (R630)
Black Waterfall Blazer - MrPrice (R160)
Camel stretch structured jacket - Woolworth (R930)
Floral patterned jacket - H&M (R800)
Black double-breasted pinstripe jacket - Woolworths (R1000)
White jacket with a tie belt - H&M (R630)
Double breasted jacket - H&M (R800)