Colour mascara is summer's brightest makeup trend. (Pic: SDR photo)
Colour mascara is summer's brightest makeup trend. (Pic: SDR photo)

One of the hottest and brightest trends on the runway right now is bright eyeshadow and colourful lashes. The 1980s colour lashes have made a comeback in a brighter and bolder way. During the ‘80s, blue mascara was the hot favourite and now mascara is available in a variety of colours. Here are the best colours to make your eyes pop and add an edgy, fun look to your usual make-up.

Blue lashes were very popular in the 80s (Pic: Instagram)

Blue: Even though blue was the colour of the 1980s, it’s still a firm favourite. Especially to newbies wanting to try this look. The great thing about blue mascara is that it makes eyes look whiter and brighter. Blue is a safe choice because it looks good on anyone.

Purple: Darker purples are great if you have blue eyes, while a more vibrant purple brings out the green in hazel-coloured eyes. Lilac to pinkish purples are less flattering.

Yellow lashes are not for the faint-hearted. (Pic: Instagram)

Yellow: Yellow lashes are not for the faint-hearted or unadventurous. Want to make a bold statement? Then this is the one to try. If you’re going to go yellow or even acid lime, you might as well go all the way. Wear a contrasting shadow like pink or blue and finish with bright yellow lashes.

Pink or red: These colours are bit tricky to pull off since it brings out any redness in the eyes. Proceed with caution unless you’re in an experimental mood.