Cardi B. Picture: Instagram

The 'Bodak Yellow' hitmaker is known for having her long decorative pointy claws, but she's since decided to trim them down a little bit because she's worried she'll accidentally scratch her three-week-old daughter Kulture, whom she has with her husband Offset, while she's picking her up, feeding her or changing her bottom. 

Taking to her Twitter account, the 25-year-old rapper said: "Ok so if you noticed i changed my nail shape from pointy to square so i won't hurt my baby. (sic)"

However, the brunette beauty is thinking about changing her "pinky nail" back to a claw-shape so she can scoop Kulture's bogies out of her nose more easily. 

She added: "I'm thinking about only changing my pinky nail shape back to pointy so i can take my babies little boogers out (sic)."

And, although it's been less than a month since Cardi became a mother, her fans are desperate to have more children - but she's not impressed by their requests. 

She said: "Can ya stop saying that If I get pregnant again imma curse ya out !!! (sic)"

She hasn't ruled out having anymore babies "later on in life" but, for now, is happy for Kulture to stick with the three siblings she's got from her father's past relationships. 

She explained when a fan asked her whether she wanted to give Kulture any brothers or sisters: "She got 3 already! Later on in life I'll have more babies . (sic)"

Earlier this week, the 'Be Careful' hitmaker received backlash when she revealed that she had returned to the studio to start making some more music for her fans. 

She fumed: "I got a baby i need some money shieeettt i need cheese for my egg (sic)"