Actress and TV presenter Carishma Basday. (Pic: Kavish Rajpaul)

Not only is Carishma Basday an actress and TV presenter, but she's a qualified yoga instructor and teaches acting lessons as well.

So how does the Mela presenter manage to maintain her glowing skin with her busy schedule? Basday shares her beauty routine.

I wash face in the morning with a gentle cream cleanser. I love ESSE cream cleanser

Rub an ice cube over my face until its completely melted. Started doing this a few months ago and its been the biggest game changer for my skin

Apply hydrating serum. iS Clinical Hyracool serum is just incredible.

As a moisturizer I use a homemade blend of essential oils. Its really helped to balance my oily skin and even out my skin tone. I love how it instantly plumps up my skin. It also allows makeup to go on really beautifully to give you a natural look.

I apply sunblock every single day without fail! 

In the evening I use an oil to milk pre-cleanse to take off any makeup and then a deeper cleansing gel and maybe an exfoliator if I have had a day on set with lots of makeup on my face.

Then I spritz with a natural toner and leave my skin bare so that it can learn to heal and rejuvenate itself. If I have been working crazy hours and traveling a lot (this happens a lot) I sleep with a hydrating gel mask.