"My story isn't over" necklaces. (Pic: Facebook)

Today is World Mental Health Day and Janine Binneman Jewellery is saluting the strength and perseverance of all those managing depression and anxiety through their semi-colon range of jewellery. 

Janine Binneman is renowned for producing exciting and meaningful jewellery that touches the hearts of her clients. She believes that mental health is just as important as physical health since one’s mind and body are inseparable and hopes that more and more people will lean on family and friends for support when struggling and make use of the help available to them.

Janine Binneman semi-colon jewellery range. (Pic: Facebook)

Her semi-colon range is extremely close to her heart and was developed to raise awareness for those fighting these battles daily. This range is a powerful reminder that we all have the power to continue our stories.  

The semi-colon is a symbol of hope and perseverance worldwide as it is representative of when an author decides to use a semi-colon to continue a sentence rather than end it. JBJD has taken this concept to new heights with her beautiful range of semi-colon necklaces and rings that can be worn daily so that one can constantly be reminded to persevere and push through, even when times are tough. 

Sterling silver semi-colon ring. (Pic: Supplied)

Sterling silver semi-colon rings: R460 each, made to order

Sterling silver semi-colon necklaces: R570- R680, made to order.

JBJD is able to create just about anything. For quotes on creating semi-colon keyrings, bracelets or earrings contact us on 082 468 3201 or [email protected]

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