Denim jackets are cool for mom and kids. (Picture: Instagram/maureenpowel)

With winter slowly making way for spring we can finally start looking forward to warmer days. Already the birds are chirping as we wake up to lighter skies and spring blossoms popping up on bare tree branches.

With the change in season comes a change in wardrobe. Much like autumn, spring is somewhere between thick coats and boots, and sleeveless dresses and flip-flops.

You leave home in the morning and there’s a chill in the air, midday it’s warm enough to strip down a layer but by the time you get home the cold it back.

As adults we can decide on what to wear, even though it can be tricky in this weather, we can still easily change as the day goes by but when it comes to dressing your children for the day one has to take into consideration that it’s not as easy for them.

When you drop your little one at school or go out to the park, you don't want them to be weighed down with thick jackets, which makes denim jackets the ideal outerwear. 

A denim jacket the ideal outerwear for busy little ones. (instagram/sfknees)

It isn’t as thick and heavy as a coat or bomber jacket but warm enough for that early morning drop off and comfortable to climb the jungle gym. 

Dress them over summer dresses, tights and sneakers or a simple a t-shirt and leggings. A denim jacket is soft enough to tie around the waist when it’s not needed.

Now that denim jackets come out in fun designs, including fur trips and cute patches, it won’t be too difficult to convince your tot to wear one.

Tweens on the other hand don’t need any introduction to the denim jacket - they already think denim jackets are the coolest thing ever. They even compete with each other as to who can style their jackets best. They personalize their jackets by ripping them, sticking badges on them and even spray painting them! 

Here’s are our 5 favourite jackets to shop.

Distressed jacket with patches from Woolworth. (R380)


Black jacket with red trim on the sleeves from Mr Price. (R199)

Mr Price

Bomber style jacket with embroidery details from Pop Candy. (R270)

Pop Candy

Collarless jacket with frills from Naartjie. (R499)


Embellished Denim Rider with fur collar from Mr Price. (R180)

Mr Price