The ugly fashion is here and ready to takeover. (Picture: Supplied)

CROCS claimed its spotlight on the catwalks at SA Fashion Week held in JHB. 

Streetwear designer Wanda Lephoto showcased the versatile styling potential of CROCS with Ricky Rick headlining the show.

Model wears CROCS at the Wanda Lephoto show. (Picture supplied)
Ricky Rick headlined the Wanda Lephoto show. (Picture supplied)

According to Andrew Kallis, Managing Director of Crocs SA, ‘Whilst CROCS continues to be loved by a large portion of South African families, there has been a strong calling from within SA’s fashion Elite as to who can really #RockTheCrocs.’

The ugly fashion is here and ready to takeover as US Business Insiders’ Kate Taylor releases Piper Jaffray’s Biannual Survey of US Teen Preferences in her article released on Tuesday 24th October. Taking advantage of the emerging trend dubbed ‘Ugly Fashion’, Crocs have skyrocketed from #27 to #13 on the Piper Jaffray index.

‘Love them or hate them, the Croc brand is strong and instantly recognisable - something teens appreciate. According to Piper Jaffray's report, teenagers are increasingly preferring brands over fashion.’ Says Kate Taylor, Business Insider US. 

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