Gym towel and water bottle are basics. Picture: Supplied.
Getting out of the gym shower only to realise you forgot to pack your towel is drastic, which is why you need a checklist before leaving the house. 
Here are 10 gym essentials you need to pack.

Gym towel and water bottle: These are basics, never go to the gym without them!   

Gym kit and shoes: Whether its cleats and a chamois for spinning or leg warmers for Barre – make sure you’ve got the gear.  

A well-fitted sports bra: Get a good quality bra that fits properly, it’s important. 

Nomzamo Mbatha in Puma sport bra. Picture: Supplied. 

A shower towel: A quick shower after a session is vital, however, you need a fresh towel for it and not your teeny gym towel. 
Wireless headphones: nobody likes an earphone cable when trying to dominate the treadmill. Invest in a simple pair of wireless headphones for added motivation during your cardio workout.
Flip flops: Gym shower is public, and the last thing you want is exposing your feet to all sorts of nasties found in the shower. Invest in shower shoes for adequate foot protection. 

Old Navy flip flops. Picture: Pinterest.

Deodorant: If you’re new to the gym scene, you’ll soon to discover that even after you’ve showered, you continue to sweat as your body cools. Arm yourself with Shower to Shower antiperspirant roll-on to mask the odour.  

Shower to Shower antiperspirant roll-on. Picture: Supplied. 

Moisturiser: A shower can leave your skin feeling tight and dry. Take along a good moisturiser for your face and body to combat parched skin

Wet bag: Take a bag that is waterproof and big enough to hold your soiled gear – that way it’s quarantined and ready for the washing machine when you get home.

Lock for your gym locker: "Sharing is caring," but not when it’s your wallet or cell-phone.