17-year-old photographer, Taleah Meshaé.

At just 17 years old, aspiring photographer, Taleah Meshaé, is set to launch her first fashion editorial this month.

Her editorial titled “Born” came out of her desire to showcase her photographic skills that she horned during a varsity project, where she had to shoot several photographic editorials.

“The title ‘Born’ is my first edition of the Taleah Publication. It showcases the birth of my brand,” says Meshaé.

‘Born’ is Taleah's first fashion editorial.

The Cape Town born teenager says that she wishes to share her deep intrigue and passion for the camera lens.

“This photographic editorial was first conceptualized and developed as part of her scholarship application to study fashion and creative directing at, renowned, Parsons University in New York City. One of the prerequisites of the scholarship was to put together a fashion editorial as part of my portfolio featuring my own photographs,” says Meshaé.

You’re probably wondering how a 17-year-old manages to juggle school and her passion for photography. Meshaé was home-schooled and completed her Cambridge A levels in May.

“Home-schooling offered me the flexibility of managing my time. It afforded me more time to pursue my career.”

I caught up with Meshaé to find out what drives this ambitious young woman.

When did you develop an interest in photography?

My love for photography started as just a hobby after receiving my first Canon camera as birthday gift. I then developed a keen interest, when I was 14 years old, and did a photoshoot with one of my closest girl friends. It was then that the flame within me ignited and I found myself being drawn into the world of professional photography.

I then decided to invite model look-a-like friends and offered them free photo shoots at various locations. I did this for just over a year and soon after I was booked regularly for events by family and friends.

Taleah offered her friends free photoshoots to build her portfolio. (Pic: Taleah Meshaé)

Where do you draw inspiration from for your photography?

I mostly get my inspiration from paging through my favourite magazines, such as Vogue and Elle SA, or on social media platforms, like tumblr or Instagram. I enjoy doing research before every shoot.

Who’s your favourite photographer?

Nima Benati who shoots for high-end fashion labels, such as Dolce&Ganbana and Tom Ford. She’s only 24 years old and her success inspires me.

How did your Los Angeles trip come about?

My sister lives in Los Angeles and my trip was a combination of spending some quality time with her and work. During my visit I had the opportunity to shoot for an international designer, Andre Emery Official, and collaborated with Luv Aj, as well being exposed to models from all over the world.

What keeps you motivated?

Your future is in your own hands and you are your own driving force. I’m in control of my own destiny, so I’m motivated by always aiming to learn and empower myself.

Taleah offered her friends free photoshoots to build her portfolio. (Pic: Taleah Meshaé)

With uncapped vision, strong passion and respect for the camera lens, and her deep desire to live and lead a purpose driven life, this young photographer is set to capture the world one photograph at a time.

Connect with Taleah on Instagram @taleahmeshae