Kim Kardashian brought the groove back with the tights trend. Picture: Instagram.
Autumn and winter season is for wearing tights with just about anything in your closet. No longer reserved to be worn just as a undergarment, 
thanks to Kim Kardashian who has made tights as outerwear a hot trend.   To keep warm and stylish, here are different trendy ways to wear tights. 

As pants

Depending on the occasion, you can either wear tights with a hoodie or a coat. Pair them with heels or sandals and you're good to go. 


The nice thing about this season is that you can overlay clothes as much as you want and no one is going to judge you for “overdressing”. To keep it sophisticated, wear your tights with a light pleated skirt paired with polo neck and ankle boots. A bit of accessories here and there will do the trick in elevating the look. 

Just like Dj Zinhle, you too can rock tights with a miniskirt. Also put on a coat to avoid freezing. Picture: Instagram. 


After all, there’s no shame in being old school and wearing tights as an undercover a body warmer. This trick works well with jeans and if they are torn, make sure the tights are fishnet for a trendier look.