Africa’s coolest fashion kid, Trevor Stuurman in Amos Anada bomber jacket. Picture: Instagram.
Be a fashion bomb this season as you face the cold in these stylish bomber jackets.

Winter is known as the season of the fashion gods who master the art of layering, but the truth is not everyone likes wearing multiple items at once. Some prefer minimal yet warm and comfortable clothing. This is where bomber jackets come in.

Without overdressing or adding too many accessories, a bomber jacket can turn a simple outfit into a spectacular look. To stand out this season and be on-trend, these are the five must-have bomber jackets.

The evergreen bomber

Africa’s coolest fashion kid, Trevor Stuurman, will leave you shook with his monochromatic ways. The Kimberley-born photographer turned heads at the Harbin Fashion Week in China earlier this year in this cool Amos Anada bomber jacket. Shop it via email at [email protected]

Trevor Stuurman in the evergreen bomber. Picture: Instagram. 

Windrunner Down-Fill

Made with an oversized hood  to help you stay comfortable in cold conditions, the Nike Sportswear Windrunner Down-Fill Parka delivers lightweight and breathable warmth. Shop at

The Nike Windrunner Down-Fill.

Metallic PP Padded Short Jacket

Designed by Brave Soul, the Metallic PP Padded Jacket may be short but it’s colour and design will give you all the glam you need this winter. Shop at

Metallic PP Padded Short Jacket. 

Sleeveless puffer with faux fur trim

A Sleeveless puffer will never not be in fashion, especially the one with faux fur when animal prints and faux fur are trending this season. Shop it at Utopia because it can still work in summer. 

Sleeveless puffer with faux fur trim.

Puma sportstyle core PWR Warm X PackLITE

Boasting an olive hue, the PWR Warm X PackLITE 600 Down JKT by Puma Sportstyle Core features a slim fit design which will make you be on top of your street-cred game. Shop at Puma. 

Puma sportstyle core PWR Warm X PackLITE.

Pro tip: The best bomber jackets are usually found in thrift stores. Explore the non-sophisticated second-hand shops because that’s where the jag is at.