5 soccer players with the hottest fashion game

Karim Benzema. Picture: Instagram/@karimbenzema.

Karim Benzema. Picture: Instagram/@karimbenzema.

Published Nov 17, 2022


We’re four days away from experiencing the 2020 Fifa Soccer World Cup happening in Qatar from November 20 to December 18.

A total of 32 teams from five confederations have qualified to participate in the competition – meaning the most famous soccer players will be playing against each other as they represent their respective countries.

While we wait for the World Cup to begin, let’s look at some of the most stylish soccer players.

5. Paul Pogba

The Juventus star has a bit of style. What we like about him is that he dresses for the occasion. For example, when he presented an award at the Golden Boy Awards this year, he wore a double-breast pinstripe suit.

4. Neymar Junior

Besides his trendy blonde cut, Neymar has an eye for fashion. In September, he dropped a collection with Puma, and we’re loving it. Our favourite piece is the black jacket with his initial on the right breast.

3. Kylian Mbappé

You can tell that the PSG star hangs with basketballers because those people got style, so does he. Although he prefers Nike because he’s an ambassador, Mbappé still looks good in casual or formal wear. We like how he wears his suits with Nike sneakers, a lot of men can learn a thing or two on how to be formal and still be comfortable.

2. Memphis Depay

The Barcelona star understands that fashion is a language, and he speaks it fluently. We love his obsession with accessories, from jewellery to sunglasses, he knows how to pair them. Our favourite look was when he wore a brown suit with red shoes, no shirt underneath. Instead, he rocked a gold neck-piece, completing his look with a gold watch and sunglasses.

1. Karim Benzema

There’s no footballer who can touch him when it comes to fashion, he’s in his own league. It’s no surprise that Fendi chose him as its #FendiFaster ambassador. He has all the features of a top model and always rises to the occasion. We couldn’t pick one best look from him, so we’ll go with three.